Welcome To The Pinewood "the Lodge With A Personal Touch"

You are about to retire. You would love to have yourself positioned in a beautiful place. Where the weather is nice, the view is totally breath-taking, and nature is close enough for you to appreciate it. The air is so clean, fresh and pure. Nothing like the big city we live in for years. Far away from those endless noise and air pollution.

You are so tired of the city being hectic all the time. You wish you could get away from all the routine activities that hooked you up every single day. You would love to have a quality time with your family. Somewhere nice and peaceful, where you can enjoy your meals in between lovely weather, fantastic view, with your kids running around and having fun with their friends.. A total heart warming experience. A perfect holiday or even a weekend getaway.

Based on these similar concepts, The Pinewood Lodge and Organic Farm were established. Located at the heart of Cisarua - Puncak, it was a dreamy place with European style. With its natural concept, lots of trees, plus a treehouse, an exciting holiday will be at warranty.

Jl. Gandamanah, Ds. Tugu Selatan, Cisarua | Phone : (+62251) 8256776 - 8256432 - 8251823 .   Fax : (+62251) 8256433
Jakarta Sales Office :
Jl. Industri Raya No. 13 Phone : (+6221) 6245473 - 6006448 - 6282307 . Fax: (+6221) 6399205
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